Sex And The City movie official at last

It’s been a long time, er, coming, but the film version of US TV show Sex And The City is finally getting close to a climax. And that’s enough of the sex jokes, thanks.

New Line Cinema is gearing up the film version of the show - which saw Sarah Jessica Parker’s neurotic sex columnist and her three friends trying to negotiate the dating minefields of New York – this autumn.

Michael Patrick King, who ran the show for years, has written the script and will direct Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon as the four friends.

It’s been a tricky path to the screen for the movie, which was halted when Cattrall decided she was unhappy with her deal. Some extra cash, script agreement and a series deal with Sex’s old home, the HBO channel later, and she’s in.

There’s no word on a plot or other casting details yet, but here’s our guess – someone will have sex. In a city. It’s like we’re psychic!

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