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Seth MacFarlane to direct and star in a comedy western

Seth MacFarlane is set to direct and star in a new " Blazing Saddles -style" western comedy called A Million Ways To Die In The West .

Billed to arrive in the summer of 2013, a script has been drafted by MacFarlane, Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild - recreating the writing team that birthed one of the 2012’s biggest blockbusters and MacFarlane’s directorial debut, Ted .

While the project remains in its infancy, sources seem confident that Media Rights Capital, who funded MacFarlane’s aforementioned teddy-bear romp, will be happy to work with the Family Guy creator again.

Reported to be a western movie laced with MacFarlane’s foul-mouthed wit, A Million Ways To Die In The West is also said to be a trifle more gritty than his usual fart-joke fare - taking a sobering look at life and death in late 19th Century America.

What’s more, this’ll be the first project where MacFarlane steps out of the voice-artist booth and performs in front of camera.

With a Ted sequel and a Family Guy movie in the works, along with his upcoming turn hosting the Oscars , MacFarlane’s Hollywood profile is growing by the day.

Now, with the announcement of A Million Ways To Die In The West , it seems unlikely that this cowpoke will be riding off into the sunset any time soon.