Serial killer - Dexter videogame planned

Hit TV series Dexter has just started airing on CBS during the writer's strike after it premiered on Showtime over a year ago.

The show, if you're not familiar with it, follows Dexter Morgan, a forensic expert working for the Miami Dade Police Department. Andhe just happens to be a serial killer.

Virtually zero details on the game have been revealed so far, but it'll be a collaboration between Marc Ecko Entertainment and Showtime Networks.

"Our game designers, writers, and artists are going to give Dexter's morally complex world the kind of interactivity that gamers will love", Marc Ecko Entertainment VP Marc Fernandez has promised.

Judging by the official word on the Dexter videogame, the two companies will actually outsource development to a separate studio.

Courtesy of CVG

Mar 5, 2008