Serial Cleaners shows off a Fargo-inspired crime scene clean up in 2 parts

A new Serial Cleaners trailer follows the cause and effect of cleaning up a snowy crime scene - literally, with a woodchipper, chainsaw, and vacuum cleaner.

The latest trailer for the '90s-nostalgia and blood-drenched single-player stealth action game shows a before-and-after tale in two parts: on one side we have Psycho, whose job it is to conceal the bodies after what looks like a brutal and professional hit, and on the other we have Bob C. Leaner, whose job it is to conceal everything that first cleaner did. Moving bodies around and disposing of them well enough that the cops won't be able to identify them is a messy business in and of itself.

The trailer demonstrates some of the tools of the trade you'll use, including the aforementioned chainsaw for reducing the, um, task into approachable, um, chunks, and the woodchipper for properly disposing of said chunks. Unfortunately, this cover-up creates even more to cover up as it blasts a bloody slurry all over the fresh white snow; the developers at Draw Distance definitely had that scene from Fargo on repeat while they were working on this map, called Cabin. Naturally, just getting the body out of the cabin and into the field creates a messy trail of blood to deal with too.

That's what your vacuum cleaner is for, dutifully Hoovering up gallons of bodily fluids like so many dust bunnies - you don't even need to pre-treat with hydrogen peroxide and cold water. Unfortunately, it seems police officers do take exception to you sweeping the crime scene up from under them, and that's where the "stealth" part comes in. You'll need to get the whole job done while evading detection from the local flatfoots, or failing that, still manage to outrun them with a body bag bouncing on your shoulder.

Serial Cleaners was first announced at the Future Games Show last year, and it's still set to hit PC and consoles sometime this year; if you want to get your scrub on before then, you can pick up the original game for Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and iPhone right now.

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