Serial Cleaners video shows off new characters and 90s setting

Serial Cleaners
(Image credit: Draw Distance)

Serial Cleaners developer Draw Distance has unveiled a new video detailing the upcoming game. 

The new video goes deep into the world Serial Cleaners is trying to craft, and if it is anything to go by, it's going to be a nasty, yet hilarious place. The video highlights new features coming to the game including better graphics with the game moving to 3D, refined gameplay, better AI, and more playable characters.

The game will expand its roster from the first game, now with four cleaners joining the crew. Bob returns from the first game, but two others were highlighted during the developer's video. Erin Reed, aka Vip3r, is a hacker and the youngest member of the roster, while Psycho is... well, he's that. He wields a chainsaw under his coat and is not adverse to using it on cadavers and throwing severed limbs at people. Lovely. 

A sequel to 2017 hit Serial Cleaner, Serial Cleaners tasks you with being the mop-up person for mass murders. This tasks you with removing the bodies and cleaning the evidence without getting caught, all shot through the lens of a dark slapstick tone. As the video points out, think Mr. Wolf in Pulp Fiction just with a little more tongue in cheek. 

Speaking on the title, Lead Game Designer Snake says: "We don't want you to figure out our meticulously crafted puzzles. We're more into giving you some funny tools so you can solve problems the way you want. No matter which character you play, there is always some room to express your more unconventional playstyle."

The original game was set in the 1970s, but the upcoming sequel is going full-blown 90s. The video shows the developers taking in an assortment of 90s pop culture, and joking that they've gone method, by consuming films on VHS and games on cartridges. 

If all this macabre fun sounds up your alley, then keep your eye out for it when it launches later this year on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. 

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