Sega hoards His Dark Materials

Wednesday 27 September 2006
Sonic creator Sega has acquired the rights to develop games based on the upcoming His Dark Materials fantasy movie trilogy, Hollywood mag Variety has reported.

While games-from-films-from-books are all the rage at the moment - whether it's EA's Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter games, or Vivendi's Chronicles of Narnia and Eragon titles - we're excited to see Sega continue to branch out with its game choices (and we're pretty fond of the books, too).

Hopefully the games will draw more out of the books' rich universe than a standard hack-and-slash adventure but that may rest on how well the movies turn out - Sega only has the rights to make games from the film versions, as opposed to the universe of the books itself.

The first Sega-published game, The Golden Compass (or Northern Lights to European readers), is currently under development and will be released with the film at the end of next year.