Sega flip-flops on release date for Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aliens: Colonial Marines may have been pushed back to Autumn of this year, according to Sega's website for the game. Fansite AVP Galaxy points out that the page listed the game's release date as “Autumn 2012” today, before switching back to the earlier “Spring 2012” date displayed at time of writing.

Above: "They are coming." "Where are they coming?" "In the tunnel is where they are coming." Obligatory film quotation, duly provided

Neither Sega nor developer Gearbox have commented on the implied delay, though Gearbox did tweet promising that the game would see a new trailer released this week. If there's any revision to the game's release date, expect to hear about it then – and in the meantime, check out our most recent preview of the game while you wait to find out how long you'll have to wait...