See Naruto brought to life

Oct 22, 2007

Ever wonder how much work goes into designing a fighting game? It's overwhelming. The combat system, the animations, the battlegrounds, parries, counters, all that has to be in perfect working order. The task is so daunting that many fighters come out shabby as can be, because all the pieces wouldn't fit together properly. But hey, that's on the technical end - before any of that can happen, you need artists to draw it all up. Yes, with those archaic objects known as "pencil" and "paper."

We've got a great look at the level designs in Clash of Ninja Revolution (out tomorrow, for those keeping track), from beginning to middle to 3D end. To see all the images, hit the appropriately named "Images" tab up top, orsimplyclick here. Care for an example?

This is how a nine-tailed demon fox level looks in the concept level (click on image to enlarge):

Then it's created in-game to appear like so (click on image to enlarge):

And then, finally, you can see how all the levels look in this video:

Check back tomorrow for our full review.

Check back tomorrow for our full review.