See id's tribute to Wolfenstein 3D in Rage

Do a bit of digging and you'll come across some delightfully unsubtle references to id Software’s previous entries to the FPS canon. Poke around the Ghost Hideout area and before you know it, you'll find an amazing RAGEnstein 3D Easter egg that’ll take you back 20 years to a time of primary colors, freaking huge pixels, and no texture pop-in problems...

It's not surprising that id would pepper Rage with shout-outs to its own back-catalog: the game represents the company's first new IP in a genre it was largely responsible for building, after all. Many references are subtle – a bobblehead here, an “Ultra-Violence” achievement there – but diligent searching will put you on the breadcrumb-trail to some far less oblique callbacks.

Above: This? This is nothing

The game also contains rooms themed after Doom and Quake – if you want to spoil the hunt for yourself, click those links and take a look. What game references have you found in Rage so far?

Oct 6, 2011