See (and hear) Def Jam: Icon in action

To understand why we're so excited about Def Jam: Icon, the third entry in the hip hop fighting franchise, you really need to see it in motion.

Everything in the game, from the background scenery to the environmental hazards to the flying fists and feet of the brawlers themselves, moves to the rhythm of the soundtrack. Read our preview for a taste of what it's like to control, but know that silent words and still images just don't do the action justice.

Videos are a different story, which is why we've gone out of our way to bring you not one, not two, but three of them. First, we grabbed brand new, custom gameplay footage - this isn't promotional smoke and mirrors, this is how Def Jam: Icon actually plays. You'll see a few of the fight arenas - the gas station, the rooftop helipad and the junk-strewn front yard - as well as five of the featured artists - Ludacris, The Game, Big Boi, T.I. and Paul Wall. (Click the Movies tab above, launch the video player and pick "Def Jam: Icon gameplay - 24 Jan 2007 ")

If you happen to enjoy promotional material, however, we've got that too. And this fresh teaser trailer for the game does give you a sneak peek at the storyline, which has you struggling to build and maintain your own record label. By "struggling," of course, we mean beating up folks. Beating up lots and lots of folks. (Click the Movies tab above, launch the video player and pick "Def Jam: Icon trailer - 24 Jan 2007")

Finally, for a look at what inspired the game's unique blend of genres, download Official Xbox Magazine's interview with producer Kudo Tsunoda. Just right click here and choose "save target as."