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See all the Superbowl TV spots in hi-def!

All the Superbowl half-time teaser trailers now appeared online and we've tracked them all down for you to see here.

The quality is a bit varied, but they're all worth a look - particularly the Transformers 2 spot which is, frankly, off the scale of awesomeosity.

Take a look at them below. And check out our Transformers, Star Trek and GI Joe breakdowns (also listed below) to uncover the little nuggets you might have missed if you haven't watched each one a hundred times. Like us.


Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

See our Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen trailer breakdown here .


Star Trek

See our Star Trek trailer breakdown here .


GI Joe

See our GI Joe trailer breakdown here .


Land Of The Lost


Fast & Furious


Year One




Angels & Demons

What do you think? What's the story with that giant ultra-bot at the end of the Transformers trailer? Why is the CGI so ropey in Land Of The Lost? How indifferent are you to Fast & Furious?