The Secret World: EA launches pre-orders with early-access rewards

EA's just launched its preorder campaign for The Secret World, Funcom's conspiracy-themed action-MMO. Launching June, the game's leadup will be marked by a series of Beta Weekends which'll tease the game's world and content for players – and of course, there's a secret entrance to these weekends, if you'll only hand over a token of your worldly esteem and join the conspiracy. Or, in plain old English, preorder the game and you can play it before it's released.

In addition to guaranteed full beta access, preorder customers will get to play the finished game up to four days before release and a headstart on choosing a character name. There'll also be in-game perks for preordering, including an experience-boosting item and faction-specific pet. Pre-order customers will also get an exclusive in-game t-shirt, adorned with “a unique monster design” so everyone can recognize the true secret-society OGs. The game's set for launch on June 19; check our most recent The Secret World video preview now.