Secret Invasion director was told not to read the Secret Invasion comics

Secret Invasion
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Secret Invasion director Ali Selim reveals he was asked to stay away from the comic book event of the same name.

Selim, who directed all six episodes of the Marvel spy thriller, told Screen Rant that he was given the crucial piece of advice after joining the Disney Plus project – because it didn’t align with the story they were trying to tell.

"The first thing I was told is don't read the comics," Selim said. "It had nothing to do with what we're trying to do here."

2008’s Secret Invasion saw the shape-shifting Skrulls infiltrate the pages of Marvel’s comics – with the reveal that several had been secretly masquerading as heroes. While some elements of that story remain – we have, after all, seen a Skrull take on the form of Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) in the opening scene – it’s clear that’s where the similarities end.

Instead, the director’s focus was on Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury and his longtime ally Talos (Ben Mendelsohn).

"This story was really born out of the electricity created between Sam Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn or Nick Fury and Talos in Captain Marvel. And they said, 'Oh, we got to do something with that.' So they found a story that would serve that relationship and would expand the MCU and other characters who are not in the comic books. I think it's a story unto itself," Selim explained.

Secret Invasion is currently streaming on Disney Plus, with fans being whipped into a frenzy over that shock ending and a controversial AI title sequence. For a look ahead to what’s next, check our Secret Invasion release schedule and the complete guide to Marvel Phase 5.

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