Secret Cinema project launches

Fancy watching a range of mystery flicks in one of several gonzo locations? Locations that could be anywhere from derelict theatres, rooftops to parks?

Of course you do, it's a brilliant idea.

Future Shorts (go here (opens in new tab) for more info on them) and Future Cinema are teaming up to make it happen, by creating something called Secret Cinema.

The event aims to put the mystery and excitement back into cinema by hosting secret monthly screenings of films shown at individually themed locations to create a live cinematic experience that will incorporate surprise rescores, special guests and live installations.

Taking place across 6 cities throughout the UK, the location of the screening and a clue to the film being shown will be revealed on the morning of the event to those who have signed up here (opens in new tab) .

“The secret cinema is a monthly gathering of all that love stimulating, challenging and groundbreaking cinema. The internet is changing the way we watch films. Secret cinema changes where we watch films.” Fabien Riggall, Founder and Director – Secret Cinema / Future Shorts

Following the launch event on 16th December in London, Secret Cinema will host monthly events in London, Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Belfast from February 2008.

So sign up here (opens in new tab) and get involved! We'll see you there!

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