Sea of Thieves summer event adds Shrouded Ghost Megalodon ship set

In lieu of the usual monthly content update, Sea of Thieves is closing out the summer with a bunch of limited-time challenges and special rewards. The Summer of Sea of Thieves event is live now and runs until September 30, and that's followed by the Hunters of the Deep event, which will give you the chance to earn possibly the coolest ship set yet: the Shrouded Ghost, inspired by the elusive spectral Megalodon

There are 11 Summer Challenges to complete in Sea of Thieves, and each one consists of four goals and yields a special reward. Some are easy, like Meet the Locals, which tasks you with wandering the world and talking to different NPCs. Others will leave you "famous, dead, or both," like Go Wild and Be More Daring.

Completing just three of four goals in any given challenge will yield a cosmetic reward from the Summer Stash, which includes a line of Courage items for your character and ship. And if you manage to complete all four goals in a challenge, you'll get a neat new title like Pirate Menace or Drunken Sailor.

Working from home has apparently complicated the release schedule for new Sea of Thieves content, which explains the relatively tame August update. "Since we started working from home, we've definitely had to be a bit more flexible with our plans for each month, and as such we've decided to move our key planned features back to our September release," writes executive producer Joe Neate in a blog post.

Starting August 26 and running until September 8 is Hunters of the Deep, which will allow you to amass a wealth of shark teeth tokens by turning in shark meat and completing various other goals. Earn enough shark teeth and trade 'em for the new Shrouded Ghost ship set, which includes ghostly sails, flag, hull, and figurehead.

If you're new to the game or need a quick primer, don't miss our essential Sea of Thieves tips before setting sail.

Jordan Gerblick

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