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Sea of Thieves is getting exploding cannonballs and a new Tall Tale mission

Sea of Thieves' next free monthly content update arrives November 20 and brings a new Tall Tale, new commendations for The Arena, new loot, and flaming, explosive cannonballs. Microsoft announced The Seabound Soul update at X019 alongside an announcement trailer. 

The trailer says the update is "bringing the heat" to Sea of Thieves before showing us the utter devastation these new cannonballs are capable of. I can already imagine my panic when I inevitably light my own ship on fire as a Megalodon circles around me.

The new Tall Tale mission is described as "lore-focused," and involves joining Captain Pendragon to explore the mysteries of the spectral Ashen Dragon ship and identify a new "sinister threat." Tall Tales are typically story-heavy and feature puzzle-solving elements, tasking pirates with seeking out items and awarding them with +3000 gold for each mission. Tall Tales were added to Sea of Thieves as part of the Anniversary Update released earlier this year.

 The Seabound Soul also adds cosmetics and commendations to the game's competitive Arena mode, also added with Sea of Thieves' Anniversary Update. The Arena is a strictly-competitive mode accessed via the main menu that pits pirate against pirate in a breathless competition to sink each other's ships and dig up the most chests. Killing your opponents, landing cannonball shots, sinking ships, and grabbing treasure is how you earn points and win.

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Jordan Gerblick

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