Sea of Thieves gets new Halo gear and you can earn it just by setting sail

Sea of Thieves
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Sea of Thieves is giving away some special Halo ship gear to celebrate the shooter franchise's anniversary and the debut of its latest game.

Rare has marked the Halo Infinite multiplayer early release with The Noble Spartan Sails and Flag, new additions to Sea of Thieves which show your love for Halo without totally breaking your Age of Sail immersion. The flag and the mainsail are emblazoned with a stylized take on Halo's Legendary difficulty setting icon, complete with the elongated Elite skull (though it does swap out some more pirate-y cutlasses in place of the futuristic blades).

All you have to do to earn the new items is play during a certain window of time - you'll also have another chance to earn the previously released Spartan Ship Set, which features an extra-Grecian take on a certain Spartan hero as its prominent figurehead and other matching accoutrements for the rest of your ship.

Here's when you'll need to set sail to unlock the two drops.

  • Spartan Ship Set: November 24 at midnight through December 1 at 4 pm
  • Noble Spartan Sails and Flag: December 1 at midnight through December 8 at 4 pm

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