Screenwriter talks Blade Runner sequel

When it was revealed that Ridley Scott had been working on a Blade Runner sequel for the last couple of years, there was understandably much excitement, with plenty of speculation as to when the film might see the light of day.

Among all the speculation was the suggestion that screenwriter Scott Z. Burns might be in the process of writing a script. That rumour was eventually shot down, but Burns himself has been talking about the project, and suggests that his involvement is still very much alive.

“I talked to Ridley about it at one point as a part of a larger conversation about us trying to find something to do together because I have such admiration for him,” explains Burns.

“I’m as huge a fan of that movie as anybody else who would be reading this or watching it, so what I said to him was, ‘Let’s not do that unless we have something amazing to do or to say,' because I don’t want to touch that idea unless I really feel like I have something amazing to contribute and right now I don’t know what that is.

“I think he and I will probably talk again about it,” continues Burns. “But again it’s less about that specifically and more about he and I wanting to make a science fiction movie together.

“So I hope that that happens, to me I’m not particularly attached to it being Blade Runner. I suspect by the time we would come up with something it would be its own thing and not attached to that franchise necessarily, because it is a franchise, it’s a great piece of work.”

Expect the rumours to run and run on this one…

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