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Scott Pilgrim creator outlines cancelled DLC from the original game

Scott Pilgrim vs The World
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

The creator of Scott Pilgrim has outlined which DLC plans were cut from the original game. In a post on Twitter, Bryan Lee O'Malley explained what some of the game's additional content might have looked like.

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Several years after the original game was pulled from stores, Scott Pilgrim vs The World - Complete Edition returned this week. Watching the game's new launch trailer, one eagle-eyed fan took to Twitter, telling O'Malley that they'd "noticed the Gideon and Lynette sprites in the launch trailer" as part of an image discussing the game's co-op features, prompting them to ask "are there playable bosses in the rerelease."

According to O'Malley, the short answer to that question is no, and that "there's nothing new in the rerelease." He went on, however, to explain that during the development of the original game, back in 2009, "we had talked about doing a Montreal DLC with playable Clash at Demonhead," referencing the in-fiction band made up of Envy Adams and Lynette, who appear as sub-bosses, as well as Evil Ex number three, Todd, who is the boss of the game's third world.

While those three characters might have been playable in a very early version of the game, O'Malley says that the DLC was "ultimately cancelled and never realised because of budget cuts." That's a shame, as playable villains might have changed up the experience quite a lot, but after so many years, it's just nice to have the Scott Pilgrim game back at all.

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