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You’ll never have to face angry pulsating clouds of green cubes alone thanks to your loyal Drone that joins you in every battle. You can unlock a wide array of specialized behaviors for your Drone that are handy in variety of situations. Learn all about them below.

Drone Behaviors

1. ATTACK: The Drone will stay next to your ship, shooting in the same direction, and boost your forward-facing firepower. As this behavior increases in power, the Drone's weapon will become more powerful, its aim will become more accurate and its spread of fire will widen.

2. DEFEND: The Drone sticks to the rear of your ship, covering your back with fire. At first, the Drone will only shoot directly backwards. But it will eventually be able to target within a wider arc, making its rear defense more effective. It will also benefit from increasingly more powerful weapons.

3. COLLECT: The Drone is a pacifist and has no weapon. Instead it seeks out and collects Geoms dropped by defeated enemies. As it powers up, the Drone will become much more responsive and be able to collect more Geoms at a greater rate.

4. SWEEP: The Drone cannot fire, but continuously orbits the player, smashing enemies that get in the way. As you upgrade this behavior, the radius of the orbit decreases and its orbit speed increases. This makes the Drone a useful, shield-like defense - especially useful in a thick group of enemies.

Above: The Drone is your best friend. Spend Geoms to unlock more behaviors and experiment with them in battle to level them up

5. RAM: Like SWEEP, the Drone cannot fire, but instead targets enemies around the player and rams them, killing them like a jack hammer. As the upgrade builds, the Drone will take longer trips away from the player, with a wider targeting arc and an ability to prioritize harder to kill enemies.

6. SNIPE: This relies on the Drone using the new Beam weapon to snipe high priority targets. Based on a simple order of danger, the Drone will target and snipe targets with its focused beam, which because of its sustained damage, can eliminate a multi-hit enemy in a single attack. As the upgrade builds, the targeting speed and decision-making will improve, with the fully powered snipe Drone able to seek and destroy the toughest enemies in the game effortlessly.

7. TURRET: The Drone has the ability to deploy as a stationary sentry gun and attempt to destroy targets within a 360 degree radius. As the upgrade builds, the distance it can target and the rate of fire increases, while deployment time decreases.

8. BAIT: The Drone can take on a player-like attract behavior. It will switch on this ability and lure attracted enemies away from the player ship, allowing the player to move more safely and pick off the resulting clusters. As the ability upgrades, the frequency and duration of the Bait behavior increases.