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There are a ton of new enemies in Geometry Wars: Galaxies that want to give you the kiss of death. But even though the game is still more about twitch reflexes than strategy, familiarizing yourself with their wily ways will still help you blast those bastards to bits.

Black Hole: As you might imagine, these things totally suck.In fact, Black Holes can suck anything into their gravity core before spewing everything back out again when the field reverses. While not fatal in and of itself, beware the Black Hole as it can mess with your tactics.

Cell Mass: Don’t be fooled by their slow movement and non-threatening appearance. These bacteria-like monstrosities reproduce at a frighteningly fast rate and will overrun you if they’re not kept in check.

Dart: If you thought the dodgy green cubes from Retro Evolved were irritating, you haven’t seen a swarm of these shifty critters bob and weave as they sweep across the screen.

Flipper: These solid blocks like to snake their way around the screen and get in your way. Sometimes we’d like to just flip these flipping flippers off.

Generator: These floating factories will spew outtons of simple enemies at once. If you see a couple of these generators on screen, you’re in trouble. Generators can only be destroyed when they turn blue.

Masters: These super-sized versions of familiar shapes splinter apart into smaller versions until they finally break down to normal-sized enemies. Masters and their offspring become increasingly aggressive as you cut them down to size.