Score 6,922,193,250 points! - amazing video

Nov 20, 2007

When he’s not taking fat bong rips, Xbox LIVE gamer ChIefIn4LIFE420 probably takes a moment each day to admire the top scores on the Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved leader board. At least that’s what we’d be doing if we were ranked as number one with a ridiculous high score of 500,684,945 points next to our gamer tag.

But that puny pool of points is peanuts when compared to what can be achieved in Geometry Wars: Galaxies on the Wii. Meet Mavis Giss, QA tester for Sierra Entertainment, publisher of the recently released Geometry Wars: Galaxies. She’s the undisputed office champion, and until the hardest of hardcore geometric gamers grab their copies and rise to the challenge, 6,922,193,250 is a good benchmark to beat… for now.