Sci-fi season on BBC radio

A season exploring science fiction writing has begun on BBC Radio 3, Radio 4 and Radio 7. You can discover new dramas, plus dramatisations and readings of top books. The season began at the weekend, and our top five highlights still to come include:

Sunday 1 March
BBC Radio 7
The Sofa Of Time - six-part comedy series starring Nick Frost (those who sit on his Sofa of Time are transported anywhere and to any time...)

Sunday 1 March
BBC Radio 4 (Classic Serial)
Rendezvous With Rama - adaptation of Arthur C Clarke's novel about an enormous alien spaceship which approaches Earth.

Monday 2 March
BBC Radio 4 (Woman's Hour Drama)
The Death of Grass - apocalyptic drama, in which a family flee to the Lake District when all the grasses (and hence food sources) in the world are wiped out by a virus, and civilisation turns barbaric.

Thursday 5 March
BBC Radio 4 (Afternoon Play)
The State of the Art - new dramatisation of an Iain M banks novella (by Paul Cornell) in which the Culture visits Earth.

Monday 9 March
BBC Radio 7
The Brightonomicon - adaptation of Robert Rankin's best-selling fantasy novel.

There are many other shows and the season runs until the 13 March. You can listen online to each programme for seven days after it is broadcast online, so you won't miss anything if you don’t catch the actual broadcast. For the Radio 4 listings click here . Get in touch and let us know if you've been enjoying the season.

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