Sci-Fi (Not) Bargains Of The Week

Welcome to an SFX Friday bargains round-up with a difference… No bargains.

This week we thought we’d imagine, just for one week, that we’d all won the lottery and money was no object in our geeky purchases…

Read on for the alternate bargains, “expensive-is-the-new-cheap” round-up…

First, how about a coffee table… Not just any coffee table, this one is brought to you straight from the hold of Boba Fett’s Slave 1… The Han Solo in Carbonite coffee table from R9 can be yours for a measly £1,250 . Can you think of a better centre-piece for your geeky abode?

Alternatively fans of Star Trek could go for this USS Enterprise coffee table . Hand made from ash, poplar and cherry, the 34" x 54" table will cost you £1,953 .

Now you’ve got a table you’re going to need chairs… And what better than the Iron Throne of Westeros? This full size replica of the throne can be yours for just £20,000 . That’s a far better price than having to invade the Seven Kingdoms and fight to take the real one. Remember in the Game Of Thrones you win or you die. That’s a lot of effort if you just want a sit down.

If you fancy something a bit cheaper to park your bum on, then this generic villain chair can be yours for £3,299 . (White cat not included.)

Next we have a trophy to hang on your wall; this 1:1 scale Alien skull replica is the perfect thing for anyone’s wall. As long as you have the £551.97 needed to buy it and a little extra to have it shipped over from Japan.

If the skull of an alien isn’t to your tastes, then how about a 15.5" model of the Mule from Serenity . This piece can be yours for just £389.99 .

Fans of Doctor Who could go for this full scale replica of a classic Dalek . The 5’3” Dalek is available in a range of colours, has interactive features and will cost you £3,496 . Unfortunately you can’t ride in it or conquer the planet.

If Star Wars is more your thing then look no further than the EFX 17.75" Imperial TIE fighter replica . This model of the iconic little fighter ship is a snip at £1199.99 .

If you’d prefer R2-D2 and C-3PO then this 1:4 scale statue of the robotic duo could grace your sideboard for only £799.99 .

If you like replica movie props then this Men in Black 1:1 scale Neuralyzer can be yours for £499.99 .

If you really do have more money than sense then this 35" polystone statue of Neytiri from James Cameron’s Avatar is for you. It’s a bargain at £1,699.99 .

Players of chess might like to take a look at this fully licenced Lord Of The Rings 32-piece pewter chess set . The playing pieces are precise miniature sculptures of the actual cast members and each likeness is so realistic that they were personally approved by the actors. The board is 15" by 15". The price tag is £459.99 .

The soon-to-be-released Harry Potter Wizards Collection will feature 31 discs containing all eight Harry Potter films on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital and more than 37 hours of special features as well as exclusive never-before-seen content and must-have memorabilia. The whole lot comes in a huge lavish fold-out gift box and will cost you £177.99 .

Back to the ridiculous now and we have the same car that Marty and Doc Brown took their trips through time in. Well, not the same car, it doesn’t travel in time and it can’t fly, nevertheless this electric-powered DeLorean will set you back £70,000 . As we said it won’t leave twin trails of fire when you hit 88; it might be battery-powered, but this baby will do 125 mph and it’ll never dump you in the ’50s with the risk of a date with your own mum. But it does have gull-wing doors, and gull-wing doors are cool aren’t they?

Next we have our most expensive item of the week… The Batmobile! This replica of the iconic ’60s TV show vehicle has all the Bat accessories including a Batbeam antenna grid, a Batphone, and a working rocket exhaust flamethrower. The fully road-worthy car even has a dash-mounted DVD player and a six speaker sound system. It can be yours for £120,000 . Delivery is free.

If you prefer your Batmobiles a bit smaller this 1:6 model of the Tumbler is available from Forbidden Planet for £399 , which is actually £70 down on the RRP.

Moving from four wheels to two; if another custom Batpod replica like the one that sold on Ebay for $100,000 – that’s £63,031 – ever comes up for sale again we have the perfect set of bike leathers for you. UDReplicas has a range of custom leathers including a Batman set for £998.37 , a Stormtrooper set for £814.53 and a Captain America set that’ll cost you £823.47 . But that’s not all they do, check out the rest of the range here .

We bet there’s the perfect outfit for you somewhere in that lot. Even if you have one of these £34,667 costing lightcycles from Tron .

While we’re on the subject of replica clothing how about hitting the streets of your local town dressed as Mega City One’s top lawman Judge Dredd? Planet Replica have a complete Judge outfit , including a Mark 2 Lawgiver , for £1,995 . If it’s just the gun you’re after, you can pick that up for a measly £195 .

Finally it wouldn’t be a bargains, sorry, “expensive-is-the-new-cheap” round-up without a bit of Lego . This Star Wars Lego Super Star Destroyer set features over 3,000 pieces, measures nearly 50" long and weighs nearly 8 lbs and will cost you £349.99 to buy. Not a bad price considering you get a very cute little Lego mini-figure of Bossk with it.

Oh, just before we go, we mentioned this item in last week’s real bargains article; the Doctor Who universal remote. The remote is a replica of the 11th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver . At £59.99 we thought it would fit right in with this article and that someone might actually buy it. This piece is beautifully designed and packed full of features, the die-cast metal model is hand crafted and can be programmed to control household gadgets such as your TV, DVD player or stereo, but it probably won’t give your phone universal roaming.

That’s all folks, everything goes back to normal next week so if anyone out there spots a real sci-fi bargain they want to share over the coming week then please head over to our forum and mention it in the relevant thread. This thread is for bargain films and this one is for TV bargains , a thread for comics and graphic novels and finally this thread is for any random bargain you might find. Keep your eyes peeled for great offers for your fellow sci-fi fans.