Save the Ghostbusters!

The recently revealed Ghostbusters game, unveiled by developer ZootFly in the form of several YouTube clips, has been shot down by Sony Pictures Entertainment, which owns the rights to the ghoul-hunting films. But you can help bring the game back from the dead, by signing up to an online petition campaigning for Sony to allow the game to go ahead.

At the request of Sony Pictures, ZootFly has removed all mention of Ghostbusters from its official website and taken down each of the videos that were uploaded to YouTube last week. ZootFly had hinted before that talks were in progress with Sony in order to gain permission for a Ghostbusters game, but from the looks of things we're not expecting the news to be good.

With just over 100 signatures at the time of writing, the petition doesn't look too healthy either - but you can help change that by signing up and getting everyone you know to do the same. There're no guarantees, of course, but if you don't try then you'll never know. You know?

January 26, 2007