Save £50 on these PS5 accessories in a bundle and kit out your PS5 setup for less

PS5 accessories bundle
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Finding a cheap PS5 accessories deal could help you to complete your gaming setup this Prime Day - if you've been shrewd (or lucky) enough to pick up a PS5 console, that is. Much like the console itself, various PS5 accessories have also been hard to come by since launch, which is what makes this bundle so special - and makes it one of the best Prime Day PS5 deals going.

Thanks to this deal you can pick up a DualSense Controller, Charging Station, Pulse 3D Headset, HD Camera, and Media Remote for just £199.99, which is a saving of £50 and lets you tick all of those accessory boxes in one go. Also, to be clear, these are all the official Sony products rather than third-party items, so you can be assured of their quality and reliability.

Although the full PS5 accessories bundle offers great value for money, you might not be looking for all of those items or want to spend as much. If that's the case then we have good news for you, as there are also several smaller bundles you can pick up. You can surround yourself in sound with a DualSense Controller and Pulse 3D Headset for £119.99, or if you just want somewhere to store and charge your pads then the DualSense Controller and Charging Station is an absolute bargain at £64.99.

If you've been holding out for one of the new coloured controllers then those are available too, with a small saving on the DualSense Midnight Black for £59.99 or the DualSense Cosmic Red for £64.99.

Finally, if you've been looking to add a new game to your collection as well as a fresh pad then Amazon have got that covered too. With a DualSense Controller and Spider-Man: Miles Morales available for £79.99, plus a DualSense Controller and Sackboy A Big Adventure also listed at £79.99, this is technically the cheapest prices those excellent games have been on sale for and will give you many hours of entertainment.

PS5 Accessories Bundle deal

PS5 DualSense + Accessories Bundle | £248.37 £199.99 at Amazon

PS5 DualSense + Accessories Bundle | <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon UK"">£248.37 £199.99 at Amazon
This bundle has everything you could possibly need to complete your PS5 setup, including an additional DualSense Controller, Charging Station, Pulse 3D Headset, HD Camera, and Media Remote, plus you're getting 20% off this complete package.

Obviously, the extra DualSense Controller allows you to play some local multiplayer, couch co-op, or swap out your original pad while it's charging, but what do the rest of the accessories do? Well, the Charging Station provides a handy stand for two controllers while charging them up without having to plug them into your console, while the Pulse 3D Headset offers comfortable audio that has been designed to take full advantage of the PS5's 3D audio capabilities for an immersive experience. The HD Camera is great for putting yourself into compatible games or broadcasts, and the Media Remote makes jumping to your favourite streaming service or navigating 4K blu-rays a breeze.

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