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Save more than $700 on this excellent Alienware gaming PC

Save more than $700 on this excellent Alienware gaming PC
(Image credit: Alienware)

If you're on the lookout for a cheap gaming PC deal, or are due an upgrade, this is a truly excellent offering from Dell and Alienware right now. Removing any sign of a brand premium, this deal saves you hundreds and hundreds of dollars and will get you into ray-tracing with a relatively future-proof machine straight away. On offer is an Alienware Aurora gaming PC with an i7-8700 CPU, an RTX 2080 graphics card, 16GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD and 1TB HDD boot and storage drive combo, all for $1,399.99

Yup, that is indeed a large amount of cash, but it's a bonafide quality collection of components that will make for a great value high(ish)-end gaming PC. You might - in an ideal world of rainbows and magic - prefer an 8700K or 9700K processor instead of the 8700 that's present, but given that this is the only real downside, the value this machine offers is confirmed once again. This will provide you with an instant way into ray-tracing for PC gaming, straight out of the box. While you often have to stomach a bit of a premium (generally and with Alienware) for pre-builts, this saving negates both. You do also get a warranty thrown in for extra peace of mind.

The above and below link should take you straight to the PC with a full $705 discount, but just in case it doesn't you'll want to add the code 'AFF350AW' to get the full whack off this mighty PC.

Cheap gaming PC deal today

Alienware Aurora gaming PC | RTX 2080 GPU | i7-8700 CPU | 16GB RAM | $1,399.99 at Dell (save $705)
An enormous saving on a well-considered and somewhat monstrous gaming PC. (Remember to keep the code AFF350AW to hand just in case.) View Deal

Once again, this Aurora gaming PC is a good deal; and, yes, $1,399.99 is (obviously) a sizeable chunk of cash in the first instance. Thinking about this price for a bit, however, will hopefully let it sink in as great value: it's from a trusted manufacturer, will have a minimum one year warranty, you can tinker with it in the future, there's the possibility to spread the cost on a monthly arrangement, and similarly specced builds are all going for prices comfortably north of this and are pushing the $2000 mark. 

I'd push the boat out and say it's probably a Black Friday gaming PC deal-beating offer and one to embrace wholeheartedly even with the sale season right around the corner. Unless Dell go completely mad and offer basically $1000 off this PC in next month's Black Friday game deals, we're not likely to see something as good this.

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