Save big on RTX 30-series laptops at Lenovo right now

Save big on RTX 30-series laptops at Lenovo right now
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Right now you can save a bunch of cash on some excellent RTX 30-series laptops. Lenovo deals might not immediately scream out as the best candidates for gaming devices, but the manufacturer quietly goes about its business making some seriously competent machines. And often without the premiums that other brands demand for their gaming laptop deals, too. Lovely.

Cutting to the chase, there's some quality gaming laptop deals on offer today, starting with the Slim 7 Gen 6 laptop with an RTX 3060 graphics card which you can get for $1,399.99 - a saving of $260 with the code LEGIONSSAVING1. There's also a neat 3050Ti-powered Gaming 3i model which can be yours for just $945. All in all, these are pretty great RTX 30-series laptops.

Lenovo does make some brilliant gaming machines, so it's a shame that they are often out of the limelight. For example, such is their quality that the Legion Y740 remains on our guide to the best gaming laptops due to its value, performance, and build, despite it being a very established model now.

While these laptop deals aren't quite the least expensive cheap gaming laptops deals we've seen recently in the bargain-hunting sense, the value is truly excellent for what you get. That's because Lenovo has proven quality and pedigree in the gaming market - in some people's eyes, getting close to the likes of the Razer laptops and Alienware gaming laptops of this world. The build quality is solid, and the component choice is great too, offering a fair balance of performance and value.

RTX 30-series gaming laptop deals today

Legion Slim 7 Gen 6 gaming laptop | RTX 3060 build | $1,650

Legion Slim 7 Gen 6 gaming laptop | RTX 3060 build | $1,650 $1,399.99 at Lenovo
Use code LEGIONSAVINGS3 to get this price.
Getting a $250 saving is never a bad thing, and these Lenovo gaming laptops often don't get the attention and praise they deserve - they are very competent, quality machines.

Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3i laptop | RTX 3050 Ti build | $1,200

Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3i laptop | RTX 3050 Ti build | $1,200 $944.99 at Lenovo
Getting into Nvidia's 30-series generation in a portable machine doesn't come much cheaper. The 3050 Ti card in this laptop can still pack a punch and is supported well by an 11th-gen Intel CPU and 8GB of RAM. Nice. (The code GAMINGDB2 might also get you the same discount, but the above price should be correct.)

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