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Save an extra 10% at Dell today and get a great XPS deal

Save an extra 10% at Dell today and get a great XPS deal
(Image credit: Dell)

Dell's XPS range of laptops are quality incarnate, so getting an XPS deal - wherever and whenever possible - is a wonderful opportunity. And so, if you've been waiting for such an opportunity, now might be a great time to strike: at Dell - in a far-reaching XPS sale - there are discounts on the premium XPS range to be had. You'd be wise to check it out. Covering the latest models from the XPS line to those that are slightly older, but still excellent, the extra 10% off you can get by using the code 'SAVE10' makes some of the offerings very tempting indeed.

The highlights of the XPS discounts cover a range of models but we think the best bet for value is looking at those at the budget end of the spectrum where you can take advantage of a pre-existing price cut and the extra 10% discount to get a great price at the end of it - though, of course, there's a good little XPS deal to be had on one of the latest variants of the premium laptop.

First, there is an XPS 13 Touch laptop, which has a modest saving of $50, but combine that with an extra 10% and the price of this sleek and competent laptop comes to $809.99, which is a bargain. If you're looking for something that has lots more power, then an XPS 15 that comes with a bonafide Nvidia GTX 1650 graphics card could be yours for $1,304.99 - after a $108 price cut and that extra 10 percent. And if you really want a latest model, then this new XPS 13 laptop model - featuring a brand-new Intel 10th-gen processor - can dip well below the four-figure mark, down to $944.99 after the price slash and code is applied.

Dell's XPS machines are premium laptops; they are the cream of the crop from Dell's wide range, and their ability to offer a machine that offers excellence in work, play, and home use while retaining awesome design and portability, makes them extremely attractive propositions.

Dell XPS 13 Touch laptop | $809.99 at Dell (after discount and code 'SAVE10')
Team the 10% code saving with a $50 price reduction and what do you get? A bargain, that's what. Featuring one of Intel's new 10th-generation processors, this lovely laptop will have the ability to crunch through a whole host of work and home tasks.View Deal

Dell XPS 15 laptop | $1,304.99 at Dell (after discount and code 'SAVE10')
A bit of a jump in pricetag here, but the final price after both reduction and code makes this excellent value on one of Dell's XPS 15 machines. As a bonus, that Nvidia GTX 1650 graphics card will crunch through games and generally makes this a more capable laptop, too. Nice.View Deal

New Dell XPS 13 laptop | $944.99 at Dell (after discount and code 'SAVE10')
If you're after the very latest model then this is the XPS deal to go for. You'll get a wonderful new processor from Intel's latest generation of CPUs but also the revamped laptop design, 8GB of RAM to make light work of home and work tasks, and a 256GB SSD to get you off and running storage wise.View Deal

As good as these machines are, you will need some extra bits to go with them in order to make the most of them - particularly if you'll be using it as a primary work machine from home. We think the gaming gear is the best way to go when it comes to extras: they offer great bang for buck. Therefore, we recommend thinking about the best gaming mouse, the best gaming keyboard, and the best gaming headset. These would be excellent additions to any setup - the fact that they are gaming ones only increases the quality, benefit, and bonus factor. 

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