Save 30% on the Horizon Zero Dawn board game ahead of Prime Day while you wait for Forbidden West

Save 30% on the Horizon Zero Dawn board game ahead of Prime Day while you wait for Forbidden West
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2020's Horizon Zero Dawn board game just dropped by 30% ahead of the Amazon Prime Day sales. Because this is a hefty box-set normally costing $100, that's a significant discount worth taking note of.

If you're feeling impatient for Horizon Forbidden West, this Horizon Zero Dawn board game deal is the perfect distraction. Tasking players with hunting down some of the franchise's most dangerous creatures, it's an engrossing, tactical recreation of what makes the video game so special. Plus, it's stuffed with gorgeous miniatures and artwork that recreates the series in loving detail. This is far from a cheap cash-in, and its smart co-op gameplay will test you.

In a fun twist, the characters aren't heroes from Horizon itself either - they're nameless hunters you can make your own. Thanks to unique specialisms and a skill tree you'll develop over time with new abilities and items, you're able to personalize the experience into something altogether unique. That gives the Horizon Zero Dawn board game plenty of longevity; the core loop of leveling up before getting back out there is moreish.

Frankly, it's a great way to kick off the Amazon Prime Day board game deals (although the event itself is still a few days away, this should be the first of many offers throughout the week). Keen to save money on some of the best board games? Now's your chance. We've got a feeling this one will be making it onto our best cooperative board games list soon too.

Horizon Zero Dawn board game deal


Horizon Zero Dawn board game | $100 $69.99 at Amazon
This take on the post-apocalyptic series offers four different hunters with an expansive skill tree for each, different gear to buy after every encounter, and numerous robot monsters to overcome with team tactics. It's a real winner, so saving $30 on what would otherwise be an expensive game makes this a great deal.

In the UK, we're only looking at a modest discount today to bring the price down to £61.99.

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