Sam Suede: Undercover Exposure

Actual play promises to vary from action hops to stealthy crawls, with puzzles and intrigue aplenty, but the emphasis is on churning out the funny rather than ramping up the challenge. Indeed, Lowe has gone on record as saying that hardcore gamers will probably find it too easy - but that they'll "laugh their asses off" all the way. Expect plenty of sight gags, ludicrous situations, and parodies of games, movies and TV shows as you coast from start to finish.

The developers are shooting for a Teen rating, so don't expect anything too naughty; nudity and raunch will take a backseat to innuendo and mild titillation. For example, in the demo we saw, Sam sees a bowl of cantaloupe on the table and remarks, "Hey, nice melons." At which, a babe in a bikini puffs out her chest and responds, "Thanks! My surgeon's the best." It's possibly a little predictable in that it clearly plans to "go there" every chance it gets, like Married with Children on vacation in Hawaii, but it could still be amusing.

It'll be interesting to see how gamers react to a storyline that replaces weapons with wedgies and violence with chuckles. Only the finished product will reveal if Lowe's old-school pedigree and off-color shtick remain relevant after so many years of silence. But we're more than willing to take a stab at it.

If you just made a dirty joke in your mind out of the "stab" sentence, this is totally your game.