Sam Suede: Undercover Exposure

You may not know Al Lowe's name, but longtime PC gamers will definitely know his work. His true claim to fame is the creation of the Leisure Suit Larry series, old-fashioned adventure games that starred a hapless but lovable lounge lizard usually concerned with little more than finding a slot B for his tab A.

Now, Lowe has come out of retirement to give action gaming a hot-beef injection of suggestive humor. Billed as an "action comedy," Sam Suede casts a regular guy in the role of an ersatz private dick, and sets him on a mission to solve a murder during Mystery Week Fantasy Camp at the Ecstasy Island vacation paradise.

Sam starts off as something of a wannabe, uncertain of himself and short on skills. Suspects will be interviewed, clues pieced together and jokes pitched left and right - five minutes into the demo, he was wearing lipstick and a French maid's costume and getting hit on by a security guard whose glasses were clearly waaay too dark.

Over the course of the game, Sam will score "encounters" with a variety of beautiful women, each time rising the following morning with a new bounce in his step, and more effective methods in his repertoire. Details on this score are scarce at the moment, but the stated emphasis on character interaction and dialogue over static cutscenes when interviewing suspects gives some idea of the machinations that'll be at your disposal.