Sam Rockwell's in a Choke hold

Ever since Fight Club struck the screen, fizzled at the box office but became a huge cult favourite, Chuck Palahniuk’s other novels have been either the flavour of the month in Hollywood or stuck wading through development limbo.

But the next book to actually make it to the screen now has a cast and will start shooting today, as Sam Rockwell and Anjelica Huston have signed on the dotted to star in Choke.

Actor Clark Gregg, last seen on screen in When A Stranger Calls, has written an adaptation and will make his directing debut with the tale of Victor Mancini (Rockwell), a sex addicted wage slave at a historical site that makes most of his money conning restaurants by deliberately choking in restaurants and then begging for money from those who help him. The cash pays to help his mother (Huston) pay for a private mental hospital room.

"It's a tricky adaptation because like a lot of Chuck's work, it operates in a heightened satirical, dark world, yet this one is one of his black romantic comedies, so getting the tone right took me some time," Gregg blabbed to Variety . He planned to shoot the movie a couple of years ago, but snagged a regular role on a sitcom, which meant he had to shove the schedule back until he had a free summer.

Source: ( Variety )

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