Sam & Max's sitcom

Episode 2 of the Sam & Max PC adventure game series, Situation: Comedy, will be available to download from developerTelltale Games' websiteon January 5th, so we've uncovered a batch of screenshots to show you what the dynamic duo are getting up to next.

Situation: Comedy sees Sam and Max having to deal with a situation in a local television station where a local talk show host has gone a bit loopy. Rather than confronting the studio audience with issues of the day it's all descended into a hostage situation, which needs to be handled in a sensitive manner.

The episode contains all the series' trademark humor with many familiar faces turning up but there's plenty of new content including new locations and a new musical score, too.

For those not acquainted with Sam & Max, Sam is the dog on his hind legs and wearing the trench coat - naturally - while Max is the weird rabbit thing. They work as private detectives - or 'freelance police' as they prefer to be called- and first appeared in Steve Purcell's independent comics in the 1980s, then starred in the 1993 LucasArts created game Sam & Max Hit the Road.

Developer and publisher Telltale Games plans to release a total of six episodes, each self-contained adventures but with some plot threads running throughout the series. Steve Purcell, lead designer of Hit the Road, has worked closely with Telltale, which has many ex-LucasArts employees on its staff. Check out ourreviewof the first episode right here.

December 1, 2006