Check out the Saints Row game you never got to play

Lots of game developers have old prototypes sitting in their utility closets. Far fewer are willing to dust one off, solder some dev kit cables to a streaming setup, and broadcast the buggy old thing on Twitch. Volition is an exception, and next week we'll get the rare treat of seeing a canceled, unannounced game in a hit franchise in action: Saints Row Undercover for PSP. You can even sneak a quick look in this preview video from Volition.

Saints Row Undercover started out as a portable version of Saints Row 2, but it eventually became its own project handled by an external studio. The game had a small degree of player customization, a tutorial level, and a functional open world area by the time Volition (and its former owner, the now defunct THQ) decided to put the kibosh on it. And you'll get to see it, glitches and all, next week.

The stream will kick off on January 28 at 2 pm PT / 10 pm GMT on Volition's channel, so just pop it open in a browser window next to the GR+ Thursday stream and you'll be all set.

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