Saints Row: The Third getting Steam-exclusive Team Fortress 2 masks

The troublemakers of Team Fortress 2 are coming to Saints Row: The Third thanks to a cross-over promotion between Valve and Volition that will see masks based on the Heavy, Spy, Pyro, and friends wash up on the shores of Steelport.

The masks will arrive January 17, and feature oversized cranial representations of all nine TF2 classes including the Heavy, Spy, Scout, Pyro, Engineer, Soldier, Sniper, Demoman, and Medic. They will be packaged with the previously announced CheapyD homie DLC in a free compatibility patch designed to prep Saints Row: The Third for the arrival of its first mission-based DLC pack, Genkibowl VII.

Volition's TF2-inspired freebie is a follow-up to an earlier Steam promotion wherein those who pre-ordered Saints Row: The Third through Valve's service were rewarded with Saints Row items including The Mark of the Saint, a special pin for all classes; the Apoca-Fists, melee weapons sporting the equivalent of “nineteen Horsemen of the Apocalypse per glove”; and the Cold War Luchador, also known as Killbane's mask.

This Tuesday is shaping up to be a big day for Saints Row: The Third owners, especially those who picked up their copy through Steam. Last year, THQ's Brian Farrell revealed there would be 40 weeks of DLC support for Volition's open-world gangster game, so if you're feeling a little shafted by the console snub, odds are you won't be disappointed for long.

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