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Saints Row: The Third Collectibles' Locations guide

Sex, money, and drugs. Saints Row the Third knows what is worth collecting. To get all of the collectibles in the game, which will net you “The Life of the Party” and the “Getting the Goods” achievements/trophies, you’ll need to find all 20 of the three different items, as well as the 20 photo opportunities which are not listed in this guide since they are always out in the open, on the ground, and right where the icon says they’ll be.

As for the other collectibles, they can be a little tricky at times by hiding in caves and on top of buildings. Once you have a flying vehicle, all the collectibles will be accessible and ripe for the picking. You’ll also notice there are only 19 sexdolls listed since you grab the first one as part of the main story.



1: These ladies will be on the grass, across the street from the middle entrance of the Burns Hill nuclear reactor.

2: You can find this batch on the roof of the Cleaners beside the church, on the middle staircase. You’ll need a flying vehicle to get there.

3: In the backyard of the second house south of the church on the east side of the street.

4: In another backyard, in the house across the street from the apartment building and beside the electrical tower.

5: These are on the ground in a back alley, sitting in a dumpster behind the Cyberlesque building.

Money Pallets

1: This stack of cash is located in front of the tree that is at the center of this small park.

2: Located beside a dumpster behind the Moulin Gothique building.

3: Located on the roof of the building, above the loading bay. You can either use the stairs to get up there if you don’t have a flying vehicle ready.

4: Inside Smiling Jack’s Diner. Enter the diner and go to the back room to find it.

5: To the right of the Rusty Needle billboard, there is a house on the cliff. In the backyard is the pile of cash.

Drug Packages

1: This is found on the porch at the rear of the house across the street from the stairs leading up from the factory across the street.

2: Located on the roof of the apartment building. You’ll need a flying vehicle to get this one.

3: On top of the Cyberlesque building to the North, this stash will be sitting on the edge of the roof.

4: This can be found on top of a container behind the Steelport Hardware store which is across the street from the Cyberlesque.

5: This is one of the more tricky collectibles. Go to the north side of the bridge where the marker is and go to the edge of the cliff. Look down to the ledge beside the water and jump down to find a cave. Enter it and you’ll find the stash inside.

6: Head to the third house to the east of the bridge at this marker which has a patio that reaches out over the cliff. Down below it will be another ledge that leads to another cave like the previous stash. Enter the cave for some blow up dolls and the drugs.

Carver Island


6: Under the bridge, there is a small island with a fenced in area and an electrical tower. The sex dolls are located within the fenced area.

7: On the train tracks, there will be a broken down train car that has the crate of dolls sitting on top of it.

8: These fine ladies can be found beside a dumpster behind the Steelport Laundry, next to a blue apartment building.

9: Behind the Buster Flush casino, these dolls are sitting on a flatbed trailer at the loading docks.

10: Behind Steelport Pawn, the crate of dolls is found along the waterfront. Take the stairs down to the walkway and find the crate next to a payphone.

Money Pallets

6: On Arapice Island, inside the rail yard at the chemical plant, there is a high set of stairs that lead to an office at the top. The pallet is located on the second stairs platform from the top.

7: Across from the building on the northwest corner, there are some train tracks. The pallet is inside the middle train car.

8: Across the street from the factory that is across the street from the 3 Count Casino, the money pallet is in the corner next to a dumpster behind the building there.

9: To the west of the Friendly Fire at the marker, there will be a water tower next to the highway. The pallet is at the feet of the tower. To get it, you’ll either need to jump off the freeway or fly to the base of the tower.

10: Behind the 3 Count Casino, down the stairs that lead to the docks to the docks,, there is an open container on the north side of the street. Look inside to find the cash.

Drug Packages

7: To the east of the bridge that leads to Arapice Island, there is a lot with a stack of crates and containers in it. In the center, there will be one open container that has the drug package in it.

8: In the alley next to a dumpster, behind the building that has the large “Cenci and Sons: Superhero Academy” billboard on the side of it.

9: Under the bridge, there is a small building that has four loading doors on the front of it. The package is on the ground behind it.

10: Next to the red building that has the “Troubadours of the 8 Track” billboard, there is a building with a water tower on top of it. If you don’t have a flying vehicle, you can climb the stairs to the roof and get the package at the base of the water tower.

11: Along the water front on the east side, there is a set of train cars that are tipped over. Closer to the water, there is a staircase that leads down to the walkway there where the drugs are sitting.