Saints Row character customisation tool "Boss Factory" reportedly dropping this week

Saints Row
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A character customisation tool for the new Saints Row is reportedly being released in a matter of days.

According to well-known leaker Tom Henderson, Volition plans to launch a free character customisation tool for Saints Row on June 9. Titled "Boss Factory", it will allow you to create the character you'll use in Saints Row when it's released later this year.

A trailer showcasing Boss Factory is expected to be shown at this year's Summer Game Fest, with the tool likely to be available right after its unveiling. Boss Factory has all the same customisation options that will be available in Saints Row. Once designed, your unique character can be ported into the full game when it launches on August 23.

You'll also reportedly be able to share your weird and wonderful creations with players on any platform using special codes. So a character created on PC can be used by PlayStation and Xbox players and vice versa. Adding to the community creation aspect, you'll also be able to upvote character designs and follow your favourite designers. 

Additionally, it's rumoured that Boss Factory will have a "Hall of Fame" and "Creator's Corner" where you'll be able to easily find the most popular designs to add to your own game. To use Boss Factory, you'll have to create an account at Registering will also net you some exclusive items, including a Marshall Defence Technologies Rocket Launcher and two DJ helmets. 

Saints Row is raising the bar on character customisation, with choices including prosthetic limbs, elf ears, and killbot eyeballs. One of the most notable new features when it comes to creating your character is the ability to change single sides of their face. For instance, one side could be drenched in glitter while the other is crafted to look positively demonic. 

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