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Saints Row 4 and more revealed by THQ bankruptcy doc

We reported earlier that THQ has declared bankruptcy (opens in new tab) and is now seeking a new owner. But one of the unfortunate realities of such a miserable situation is having to declare all of your assets. And in a game company's case, that means revealing every game you've got in development. There are four titles we didn't know about:

  • Turtle Rock Studios: Working title 'Evolve'
  • THQ Montreal: Working title '1666'
  • Relic Entertainment: Working title 'Atlas'
  • Vigil Games: Working title 'Crawler'

And of course we would have guessed Saints Row 4 would be in there, but here's the confirmation. This is THQ's list of active games in full, along with sales projections, taken from the bankruptcy filing (opens in new tab) itself.

THQ is expecting to be able to continue developing and publishing as normal as it seeks a new owner, so we should still see these games at some point in the not-too-distant future.

Justin Towell
Justin Towell

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