Sacha Baron Cohen on playing Bond: "It’s time for the Jewish Bond"

Borat 2
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Sacha Baron Cohen has had a phenomenal year. The actor, comedian, and activist appeared in two of 2020's best movies – the hard-hitting The Trial of the Chicago 7, and the funny but equally important Borat Subsequent MovieFilm – and, to top it all off, Total Film has crowned him our Man of the Year! 

For the new issue of the magazine, Total Film caught up with Baron Cohen to talk about the fallout from Borat (including that infamous Rudy Giuliani moment) and to ask what's next. And while Baron Cohen remained coy about specifics, we brought up a piece published earlier this year positing that he should play the next James Bond

"The Jewish Bond! It’s time for the Jewish Bond, yes," he jokes. 

But would he take on the role if asked? "I’d never say no to [producers] the Broccolis," he responds. "But, I’m always reluctant to say yes to anything, because I get too involved in it. But obviously, it’s very flattering to be suggested by any magazine, let alone yours!"

Cohen could certainly do the raised eyebrow well. "I can do it with two eyebrows. Exactly! I’ve certainly got the hairy chest that Sean Connery had. Hairy and eyebrow-raising – I can do that. I can only do two at the same time... I mean, two eyebrows."

So, there you have it – Barbara Broccoli, you know what to do. 

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