Saboteur - interview

GamesRadar: The Will To Fight? What is that, exactly?

PH: The Will To Fight is a visual game mechanic that represents the Nazi occupation and the feeling of oppression in the world. In zones that are heavily occupied, we literally suck the color out of the world and leave the player in a very stylized Sin City, shadowy, noir, kind of space. Which I think is really striking and bold, to be honest. I'm really proud of the way it looks and I think playing and moving around in that place is really intriguing. Taking a side note on the technical implementation, you'd be surprised how difficult it is to nail black-and-white in next gen.

GamesRadar: Really? How so?

PH: It's not a matter of just de-saturating the colors. Ultimately, what you'd end up with is - and we did in our earlier prototypes - a kind of Outer Limits, cheap black-and-white old television program.

Charlie Barratt
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