Saboteur - interview

GamesRadar: Are there any other aspects to the stealth gameplay?

TF: Like you alluded to, there are special stealth kills if you can get the drop on somebody.

PH: We should talk about the suspicion system...

TF: The player can exist and blend into the world because he is an ordinary dude more or less. And like I said earlier, unless he is doing something suspicions, the Nazis will generally treat him as civilian. At the same time, we have guys that we call "questioning" - they're like an officer, but more suspicious of everyone. Those are guys that you are generally going to want to avoid. Then we have a "papers" mechanic, so that the player has a kind of "get out of jail free" card if they get caught in a stupid activity.

PH: There's a flip side to it, too. That Nazi officer will go around and ask your character "papers please" and if you're in a low Will To Fight zone and you don't have the papers, you're in an immediate confrontation.

GamesRadar: You mentioned melee earlier. Can you go into more detail on that?

TF: We didn't want to have just a simple two hit combo melee system. We wanted to give it some depth so that the player has some choice in an encounter. You can grab people, throw them around, throw them into other Nazis and bowl them over.

PH: When you get to that Nazi paper check, a lot of times you're gonna be like, "Yeah, I've got the papers right here. It's called a head butt to your face." We want to support that kind of desire to just get right into the action. [Your character] Sean is the kind of guy that has never walked away from a bar room brawl.

TF: He's not any kind of trained spec ops soldier with a ton of quick neck-snapping moves. He talks with his fists and solves arguments that way. When you look at the way he fights, it's very meaty and thick and heavy fisted.

PH: I don't know if you can quote me on this, but have you ever heard of Bas Rutten? He's a UFC champ. You might want toYouTube that guy. He is just a brawler. He mixes it all up and utilizes the most physical, meaty moves.

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