Ryan Reynolds recorded hundreds of videos to thank quarantining crew on Netflix’s Red Notice

Ryan Reynolds
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Ryan Reynolds recorded nearly 400 videos to thank quarantining crew members for their work on his upcoming Netflix movie Red Notice.

The Deadpool actor sent hundreds of personalised messages to crew members’ loved ones to express his gratitude for their hard work and sacrifice. And for those who didn’t have family? “I made videos for their dogs,” Reynolds told The Hollywood Reporter.

“Morale was so low because everyone was in lockdown,” he said. “They couldn’t go anywhere but work or the hotel. In some cases, their families were at home less than a mile away. I can’t imagine that kind of longing.”

Red Notice stars Dwayne Johnson and Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot alongside Reynolds. The movie centres on crime prevention organisation Interpol, who issue a global alert (AKA a Red Notice) to hunt down and capture the world's most wanted art thief. The movie started shooting again in September after the pandemic meant filming had to pause in March, and the project wrapped in October.

“My hat is OFF to this crew,” Reynolds said in an Instagram post last month to commemorate the end of filming. “I can’t emphasize their grit enough. Over 300 souls living in a sequestered bubble to make this a reality. They went to work under the most intense circumstances every day. That sacrifice is not only theirs, but it also belongs to their family, friends and loved ones who haven’t seen them in months. Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear masks. And visors. And have cotton swabs shoved up their noses every day.”

Red Notice is due to hit Netflix in 2021. In the meantime, you can check out our list of the best Netflix movies to watch on the streamer right now.

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