Rumour: Is this a new MediEvil for PS4? UPDATE: No


Bad news, folks. This was only ever wishful thinking after all. The lovely shiny Daniel Fortesque teased at the end of last week on Twitter was a fan made project created with the Unreal Engine 4. You can watch the video in its gothy graveyardy glory from Guillermo Moreno below. The team responsible apologises for any anger or disappointed caused:

"We apologize for giving you hopes to see Medievil and Sir Dan Fortesque in PS4, we didn´t try to piss nobody off or to make neogaf or other gaming sites our victims. We can´t deny that we have fun making it, but it was made out of love for this and other characters from great franchises. We try to catch Sony´s attention and make them understand that lots of people loves this old IPs, and we couldn´t imagine that the response will be so overwhelming. Take this as a wake up call and a mere and humble request to bring them back."

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Take one rumour, sprinkle it with a liberal amount amount of hearsay, put it in an oven of wishful thinking and then serve the whole thing on Twitter and this might be what you get. Twitter user BLUE_EYES has apparently 'leaked' the following images of star of PlayStation classic MediEvil, Daniel Fortesque. The top Tweet translates to "I think this E3 will return an old friend" while the bottom just says "and one more". The above image is from a Tweet entitled "a little more detail". BLUE_EYES has also posted two videos on YouTube that are now set to private. Intriguing.

While it would be easy to dismiss this as an impressive mock up it gets significantly more interesting on neogaf. Users have identified that the same person was responsible for leaking Shadow Of The Colossus on forums back in 2005. Why he would wait 10 years, who knows, but it's not outside the realms of possibility than his skeletal-ness might rise from the grave on new gen. We'll take this with a coffin-full of salt until we know more. Until then, take a look at more of the images in the gallery above.

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