Rumors abound

The latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine has some juicy little tidbits in its Rumor Mole section. Apparently, one of the editors at our sister publication lucked out by sitting behind an EA exec who spewed forth a fountain of delightful leaks. The most riveting of these is that EA will be reviving the long-lost Road Rash series on next-gen consoles at their UK studio... which has us salivating after playing Moto GP and wanting nothing more than to belt our fellow riders with a length of chain or baseball bat with a nail in the end. Also unearthed was the title of a newborn brainchild called Dead Space, which OXM went on to speculate could be a survival-horror game (to which we'll add: set in outer space).

Above: Is the chain-to-the-face fun of the Road Rash series going next-gen on Xbox 360?

The article goes on to mention the possibility of Ubisoft's Dark Messiah of Might and Magic coming to the 360. If you haven't seen thetrailer for this currently-PC-only title, you need to check it out... especially if it's headed to the 360. While our contacts at Ubisoft couldn't confirm this, they didn't outright deny it either (except to state that, "we don't comment on rumors"), so we're practicing our sword-slashing skills in Oblivion until we know for sure that it's just a rumor.

June 28, 2006