RUMOR: Namco Bandai site's mysterious countdown refers to Digimon

Namco Bandai's Japanese site has been teasing an unnamed new game withthis mysterious countdown (opens in new tab), set over a static-filled Tokyo skyline. The clock's set to run down to zero mid-week, and the company has said at that time, it'll be unveiling a new game to an expectant public. Many had assumed the countdown referred to upcoming DS/iPhone RPG Brave Company, previewed in Famitsu but yet to get a proper announcement. However, Japanese magazine V Jump has leaked the news that the countdown actually refers to – are you sitting down? – a new Digimon game. For PSP.

Eight-year-olds of the early 2000s ought to be ecstatic at the news of a new title based on the non-Nintendo pocket monsters, while others are liable to wonder whether an outfit with the back-catalog of Namco Bandai, by making this big a deal out of this average a prospect (it's no “Beatles now on iTunes” or anything!), are just being a bit mean. We are talking about a company that owns Pole Position, Time Crisis, Karnov, Rolling Thunder and Klonoa, after all. Churlish grumpiness aside, little is known of the new game besides its employment of Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor designer Suzuhito Yasuda – but then, if you wanted to know exactly how soon to wait before you hear more, you do have a webpage with a bloody great countdown you can refer back to. Would you be interested in a new Digimon title, or is this a bit too much of a fuss?

Jul 18, 2011

Source:Andriasang (opens in new tab)