Rumor: D4 coming to PC?

During a delightfully lighthearted presentation at GDC 2015, Hidetaka Suehiro (or SWERY 65 as he's affectionately known) - the auteur behind such masterpieces of quirkiness as Deadly Premonition - hinted that a PC port of D4 (Dark Dreams Don't Die) may be possible. Though it's currently an Xbox One exclusive that makes extensive use of Kinect motion controls, Swery demoed a build using mouse controls during his presentation to show that it could function in much the same way.

Swery claims that the mouse-enabled build was made specifically for his GDC panel, though it would also be present at PAX East this coming weekend. When asked directly, he was coy to whether or not D4 would actually come to PC and/or Steam, but text prompts like "drag and drop" popping up during quick-time events suggest that a PC version could very well be on the way. If you've been looking to play this trippy, comical, wholly unique detective story on something other than an Xbox One, you'd best keep your ear to the ground for any D4-related announcements from PAX East.

Lucas Sullivan

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