Rumor: Alan Wake is probably coming to PC soon

It's fairly common for games published by Microsoft Game Studios to come to the PC after enjoying a year or two of comfy exclusivity on the Xbox 360, with Halo, Fable, and Gears of War all eventually making their way over to Windows, and it appears that Remedy's Alan Wake will be no different. Rumors began surfacing with Remedy's Aki Järvilehto hinting that the developer would have "some positive news" in the for PC gamers, and now, we all but have confirmation thanks to Valve's Steam platform.

Above: Digging around Steam's registry can be bountiful

Some folks over on the Alan Wake forums found some interesting information underneath the hood. Namely, they found information confirming that Alan Wake was coming to Steam, as is evident by a bunch of listings buried deep in the system's files. There's a chance that it's some sort of test, or maybe a trick on Valve's part for some reason, but odds are this is the real deal, and PC users will be getting a taste of the triumph (and disappointment) of Alan Wake for themselves.

The timing makes sense, too. Remedy has just revealed an expansion of sorts in the form of Alan Wake's American Nightmare, and if the developer is planning on ever bringing that to Steam, it would serve it well to get the first game up and running, too.

Hollander Cooper

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