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Check out the first Rugrats reboot series trailer featuring the original cast

Paramount Pictures has given us our first look at the new Rugrats reboot series, featuring several of the voice actors from the cast of the original Nickelodeon series.

News of the CG-animated Rugrats reboot series was reported by various media outlets late last year, but the first official trailer confirms that the show is in development and on its way to the Paramount Plus streaming service. The first trailer for the series features a few familiar babies - seen here rocking an updated animation style – running through what looks like a pretty typical Rugrats episode.

"Tommy, Angelica, Chuckie, and the rest of the Rugrats gang are back for an all-new, CG-animated series on Paramount Plus!," reads the official synopsis for the upcoming series. "Settle into your high chairs for this exciting first look at the show, which continues the tale of toddlers from the classic Nickelodeon '90s hit. Then, get ready to reunite with the iconic group of babies – voiced by members of the original cast – as they embark on a new batch of epic adventures!"

We only get to hear Tommy, Chuckie, and Angelica speak, but you can also see the twins Phil and Lill, as well as Angelica's best friend Susie in the trailer. Paramount hasn't revealed much about the plot of the new series, but the Rugrats look like they're about the same age here as they were in the original Nickelodeon cartoon.

In the above trailer, we see the classically timid Chuckie being tricked into stealing some cookies by the mischievous Angelica. Fortunately for everyone, Chuckie inadvertently foils Angelica's scheme by not knowing what the word "pantry" means.

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