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With the release of the new film and the upcoming release of the final book, there's been a lot of Harry Potter-related news over the last few days. So we've rounded it all up, given it an amusing name and put it in on place, just for you. How lovely are we, eh?

Order of the Phoenix film breaks US records
Order of the Phoenix has enjoyed a very successful opening in the US, breaking a couple of records along the way. It opened on Tuesday night with midnight screenings in 2,311 theatres around the country and took $12 million, making it the most successful midnight opening ever. From there it went on to take a total of $44 million on its opening day, and while this only gives it the ninth biggest opening day ever, in terms of Wednesday openings it's broken the record once again, beating the previous record of $40 million held by Spider-Man 2. Read our review of Order of the Phoenix here .


Bookshops may break Harry Potter embargo
The last book in the Potter series, The Deathly Hallows, is set to go on sale on 21 July, as Potter fans the world over have known for months. But despite the strict embargos surrounding the book, it's reported that some bookshops may disregard them and put the book on sale early. Similar embargos on previous books have always been honoured because publishers Bloomsbury have threatened to withhold future books from stores that broke the rules. But since Deathly Hallows will be the last in the series, it seems some booksellers are subscribing to the "what are they going to do, fire me?" philosophy. Bloomsbury, however, apparently place a lot of faith in Potter fandom, having said "if such a thing were to happen, we believe that the public would make their feelings known by not buying it from and boycotting such a spoilsport retailer". Aww, bless. That said, Bloomsbury have nonetheless promised "immediate action" on any retailers who break the embargo and have their legal eagles poised to swoop in at a moment's notice, 24/7. So there.

Source: The Bookseller

Online petition to ask Rowling to write more Potter books
There may yet be hope for Potter fans who don't want the books to end. Waterstone's have launched an online petition to beg JK Rowling to consider one day returning to Hogwarts for more adventures. "There has never been a place like Hogwarts," the retailer says on its website. "There has never been a writer like JK Rowling. And there has never, ever been a character like Harry Potter. Millions, perhaps billions of us love reading his adventures, and we never want them to end." Their plan is to collect one million signatures on their petition before The Deathly Hallows goes on sale. You can sign the petition here .

ITV to show documentary about JK Rowling
ITV has revealed that it will be screening a documentary about JK Rowling this autumn, offering a fly-on-the-wall look at the author's life over the last 12 months. It will reportedly offer a rare insight into her private life and include footage of her completing The Deathly Hallows.


BBC issues challenge to Potter fans
The BBC has launched a challenge for all Harry Potter fans - describe the story of all the books so far for the benefit of new fans and the uninitiated. The trick? Do it in under 100 words. The best entries will be published on the BBC News website ahead of the release of The Deathly Hallows. Fancy your chances? Click here .

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